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Just click on the markers to open up the information windows then click on the thumb to view the panorama.

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Don't miss out on the full screen experience, just click on the full screen button when you see it.

What is Virtual Llandeilo?

Virtual Llandeilo is a great place to start from. It's right in the heart of Wales and whether you are looking for sandy beaches, or plan to take to the hills, you won't regret stopping off here first. By clicking the markers on the map you can view full screen panoramic movies, which will give you a taste of some of the spectacular attractions around South wales.

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More info about Llandeilo

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Latest! Llagathen Church (Bishop Rudd's Tomb).

Llagathen Church (Bishop Rudd's Tomb)

Anthony Rudd was bishop of St David's from 1594 to 1615. Known for an unfortunate sermon that he preached before Elizabeth I when she was 63. She took exception to his references to her extreme old age, and from that time onwards, his hopes of being made Archbishop of Canterbury were dashed. Around 1600 he acquired the Aberglasney estate, and when he died his wife built this impressive bedstead tomb in the local church at Llangathen. The Church is usually closed but the grave yard commands a great view overlooking the Towy valley. It contains many curiously carved monuments. Most impressive of all however are the ring of ancient Yew trees which must, methinks even predate this ancient Christian site. Click here to see the panorama.

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