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St. David's Cathedral

St. David's Cathedral

St. David's cathedral sits in a hollow between its small town and the sea. One story goes that its location helped hide it from Viking marauders. The Vikings raided the small Christian communities around the coast when St. David founded his monastery in the 6th century. As we see it today, the Cathedral was begun in 1181, but as is evident when yo visit the church, it has changed much over the years. Walls seem to want to collide with each other and columns stand at rakish angles. All this adding to the special atmosphere of this ancient church. Next door is the ruined bishops palace, this certainly sets your imagination going, as to how important a religious centre St. David's has been. One of the newer developments has been the creation of a smart dining area called the refectory, which is a good point to stop after enjoying the wonders of the cathedral its self.

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